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Hall of Mirrors

Hall of Mirrors

From award-winning author, Mike Bennett, comes The Collected Edition of Hall of Mirrors.

In these pages you’ll find stories of Hell and damnation, ghosts, madness, murder, vampires, bizarre hair restoration disasters, and... pigeons, among other things.

Hall of Mirrors is a collection of modern gothic tales with a nail of dark humour hammered through its heart.

“This is the way horror audio should be done: Mike Bennett's podcast storytelling is an exceptionally generous free treat for the ears and the mind. Listen to the Hall of Mirrors, and you'll feel his dark and twisted imaginations fingering their way into your ear canals, his remarkable voice prying into your brain in the most creepiest and unforgettable of ways. Hall of Mirrors is a refreshingly fun experience, that's well worth downloading -- you'll love every strange and grotesque moment!”

Michael A. Arnzen, Bram Stoker Award-winning author of Proverbs for Monsters

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    Mike Bennett

    Novelist and podcaster, Mike Bennett, reads his own work (including the double Parsec award winning vampire thriller, Underwood and Flinch) and the works of classic authors like H.P. Lovecraft. He lives in Wexford, Ireland.

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